US Wolf Refuge

We recently received a desperate phone call from a person totally down on his luck. He had gotten sick which led to him losing his job. This led to a downward spiral where he lost his home and his car. He wound up walking the streets of Reno with his dog. He was unable to stay with his friends because their apartment complex didn't allow pets.

Gianni is a 6 year-old in-tact male that he has had since he was 6 weeks old. He is an absolute love-bug that is as comfortable on the couch as he is chasing rabbits. He does have some slight separation anxiety though. He seems to get along with everyone but Takoda. They growl and snarl at each other, but have not been given the opportunity to take that any further.

We extended to Gianni's owner the option to get his dog back when he gets his life back together and can provide him a safe and secure home. Gianni is the only wolf at the Refuge that is in-tact and he will be neutered as soon as funds and time allow.


We are back together now. Thank you to everyone who’s been there for us.